AFAF AWARDS 2016 Winners announcement!

*[ AFAF Award ] Voted by the exhibiting galleries
*[ People’s choice Award ] Chosen by the Art Fair Asia Fukuoka 2016 visitors

Congratulations to everyone!
We look forward to seeing your further development from now on.
Please note that the award receivers will be contacted individually through email.

[ AFAF Award ]
Voted by the exhibiting galleries.


1.)Han Mifa [16-0825A01]
2.)Takumi Inoue [16-0822A01]
C Print 254x305mm


1.)Yasuhito Kawasaki [16-0822A09]
Yoru to umi
Panel / acrylic gouache / FRP / urethane clear
H630 × W780 × D140(mm)

Nakao Gallery

1.)Azusa Mimura [16-0822A16]
Shizukana sekai umi
2.)Ishigaki [16-0818A02]
Kotodama 47
3.)Eri Iwanaga [16-0822A24]

Roentgenwerke AG

1.)Daisuke Miyashita [16-0822A28]
drowing F50 (1167×910mm)

Whitestone Gallery

1.)Gakushu Tanaka [16-0821A13]
Paper、Sumi 900×900mm

Gallery MORYTA

1.)Han Mifa [16-0825A02]
Paper black
Cotton cloth to the panel, acrylic, oil-based colored pencils
2.)Yasuhito Kawasaki [16-0822A09]
Yoru to umi
Panel / acrylic gouache / FRP / urethane clear
H630 × W780 × D140(mm)

[ People’s choice Award ]
Chosen by the Art Fair Asia Fukuoka 2016 visitors.
*Due to a tie there are 2 award receivers.

Yutaka Okada [16-0819A07]
out of noise_
acrylic,art glue,pearl powder on woodpanel /garden quartz, LED sensor li ght on the back M30 /91x60cm
Keiichiro Terae [16-0822A32]
Another way -Ishi Syokunin-


“AFAF AWARDS 2016” is part of the Art Fair Asia Fukuoka 2016 (a.k.a. AFAF 2016) related events, with it we aim to create a new type of award.
The AFAF Awards public exhibition is not a place to put artworks liked by judges or with money in mind. Until now there have been countless art awards with big cash prizes, judged by renowned art critics and professionals in the field.
After reflecting, we are creating a public exhibition that looks at the artists, visitors and the galleries that connect both in an equal manner.
In this exhibition there will not be a money prize, instead the winner will receive a solo exhibition. This is an excellent opportunity to expand your horizons, create new connections and widen your network. Winners will be chosen by the exhibition gallery and the audience, of the Art Fair Asia Fukuoka 2016. The recipient of AFAF Award voted by the exhibiting galleries, will get the right to hold a solo exhibition. However the artist and the gallery must come to an agreement from both sides. We believe that this new type of award will be a driving force to open new doors in the artworld.

Awards guidelines

1. Voting will occur during the AFAF AWARDS 2016 public exhibition.
2. The winner voted by the AFAF 2016 exhibiting galleries, will have exhibition at the appropriate gallery. If more than one gallery votes on the same artist, the artist can choose the gallery. However if the artist can not come to an agreement with the appropriate gallery negotiations can be canceled.
3. Exhibiting galleries can give up their vote if there is not a a artwork that believe to be relevant to them.
4. “The right to hold a solo exhibition” ­ Both parties, artist and gallery must discuss and enter an agreement about the exhibition details. Like solo exhibition or group, type of artwork, presentation and display.
Deadline 22nd of August 2016 by 15:00 (JST)
Requirements All ages and nationalities welcome.
Artworks Artworks must have been produced within the past three years by individuals or groups.
Allowance Maximum two artworks per entry (individual or group)
Type of artworks Only 2D, 3D and video works are accepted.
● Artwork that doesn’t obstruct the exhibition area or cause obstacles in transportation due to size or shape.
● 2D Artwork should be ready to go on the wall as for 3D pieces they should be able to stand on their own.
Size 2D: Up to 1200mm × 1200mm x thickness 150mm
3D: Up to 1000mm× 500mm × depth 500mm.
* Including frame. (It is up to the applicant to use a frame or not, however the use of glass is not allowed, acrylic plates are recommended.)

Application procedure

1. Complete and submit the entry form at official website.
○ This must be submitted by 22nd of August 2016 by 15:00 (JST)
○ Include 2 images of the work. Images should contain 1 front view and 1 at an angle.(Maximum 2GB)
○ If sending video work please upload the video to a website first ( i.e. youtube) and send the URL.
2. The committee will notify you of your entry number.
3. Pay the entry fee. (Not applicable to foreign residents)
4. A selection will be carried out. Notification of results will be sent on the 28th of August.
5. Work must arrive at the venue no later than the 6th of September morning.
Entry Fee 3,000 JPY per one entry ※No entry fee is required for applicants living outside Japan.
Important information when transferring the entry fee ● When paying be sure to state not only the payer’s name but the applicant’s name as well.
● If paying for more than one applicant together, please keep the transactions separate one transaction per applicant. We will not be able to acknowledge an individual exhibition charge if more than 1 applicant pays together.
● After the transaction is completed the entry fee is not refundable.
● Entry fee is paid into the bank account below via bank transfer. Entry fee must be received by Monday, 22nd of August, 2016. (Bank transfer fees are to be paid by the applicant.)
Bank Account for Entry Fee Payment Name of Bank: Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ
Branch: Fukuoka
Ordinary Saving Account
Account No.: 2470888
Account Name: ART FAIR ASIA JIKKOIINKAI (アートフェアアジアジッコウイインカイ)
AFAF AWARDS 2016 Selected works will be displayed in Fukuoka Asian Art Museum gallery on the 8th floor between the 8th and 13th of september 2016. This is part of the AFAF AWARDS 2016 a related event to the Art Fair Asia Fukuoka 2016.
Exhibition title : AFAF AWARDS 2016
Schedule : 8 of September (Thu) to 13 of September (Tue) 10:00~20:00.
Last day closing at 18:00
Venue :8th Floor, Riverain Center Bld., 3­1 Shimokawabata­machi, Hakata­ku, Fukuoka City.
Awards AFAF Award ­ Voted by the exhibiting galleries.
People’s choice Award ­ Chosen by the Art Fair Asia Fukuoka 2016 visitors.
Selection method ART FAIR ASIA FUKUOKA 2016 exhibiting galleries and a voting poll for visitors who have the stub of the 2016 admission ticket.
Announcement of Results Winner will be announced on the Art Fair Website on the 18th of September 2016.

About setting up and taking down

○ Set up will be on the 6th of September morning.
○ Take down will be on the 13th of september after 18:00
(You may deliver the work in person or by post.)

Important points

Even after the winner is announced if any of the terms and conditions are broken it will lead to the cancellation the award.
Any application materials submitted will not be returned.
The work will be handled with great care after arriving at the venue, the organizers are not responsible for any damage man­made or due to a natural disaster. So you might want to apply for insurance.
By submitting the application you are agreeing to comply with all the terms and conditions.

Privacy Policy

AFAF Award committee follows the following Privacy Policy this prevents, mishandling, alteration and leaking of personal information.

1. Applicants personal information will only be used under the following circumstances.
 a. Notification of results.
 b. Contact regarding the submission.
 c. AFAF AWARD newsletter and information on related events. (You will be able to unsubscribe of this)
 d. AFAF AWARD winner will be announced on the website and mass media. (We will share details like the author name and piece title. The winner will be contacted for confirmation prior to publishing.)
If the need to use information for any other purposes it will be done after obtaining consent from the applicant in question.

2. Disclosure to third parties
Personal information of applicants will be processed in an appropriate manner and will not be shared with third parties without consent from the person. However the committee might need to disclose information to subcontractors when dealing with AFAF AWARD exhibition planning and related activities. Also if it is difficult to get the consent of the individual and disclosure is necessary to protect human life, body or property or when disclosure of personal information is required by law it will be done.



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